Of An Open Web Rebirth And Big Tech Rebellion

Frank Caron
1 min readJul 2, 2023


Once upon a time, before it was cool, I blogged on the internet. And then, the world changed. Blogs became products, the web became further closed off and more monetized, and I followed suit. My creative soul died. And candidly, the writing stopped.

Blogging for the bros had given way to prose for profit, and that shift away from the fun of whipping up some HTML and heavy-handed exposition along with it led to a dearth of drive for deposition.

Catch me on www.frankcaron.com once more.

But the open web has once more beckoned, and with Big Tech in peril, now felt an opportune time to return to a public opine once more.

Ergo, my era on Medium has come to a close — and not just Medium. Over the last few weeks, I have pulled myself out of not just Medium but Meta, Netflix, and even Google.

Just as my career has taken me out of traditional tech, so too has my personal tech deployment strategy and, now, my creative talent and pass-time deployment strategy, too.

So, to this one great blank white page, I bid you adieu. I’ve taken (back) the black.